The year of 2020 will always be remembered as the year of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 pandemic. As the global economy and with it the lives of many were closing down, the hope has been directed towards development and application of efficient vaccines. And even though the R&D around the vaccines have been unprecedentedly swift, economic and political brawls around (not only) vaccines distribution and application have had negative impact on overcoming the pandemic quickly.

The C-19 Vaccine Token (C19VAX) is created to give us a chance to participate in the vaccination process at least virtually even if most of us (at least at the point of the token’s creation) have not had this chance physically. One token for each person on this Earth will be minted and placed on an open market (decentralized exchanges). For each of these open-market tokens, two extra tokens will be created to represent the standard number of doses one needs to get for a proper vaccination. These extra tokens will not enter the open market and at the end of each month, the number of tokens equal to the number of C-19 doses applied for the respective month globally will be burnt to reflect the vaccination progress. Eventually, the remaining tokens (if any) will be transferred to charity (see the Countdown section).

Disclaimer: Ownership of the C-19 Vaccine Token does not imply any right or claim towards actual vaccination.


  • circulating supply: 7,844,145,000 C19VAX (global population on 6 February 2021)
  • total supply: 3 x circulating supply = 23,532,435,000 C19VAX (1/3 open market, 2/3 locked)
  • decimals: 0 (we split neither the people nor the vaccines)


  • team: 0
  • open market: 1/3 of the total supply
  • locked and gradually burnt: 2/3 of the total supply


On the last day of each month starting 28 February 2021, the number of C19VAX tokens equal to the number of applied C-19 doses will be burnt. The first burning on 28 February 2021 will reflect all applied doses up till then (not only between 1 and 28 February 2021). The number of applied vaccines will be based on the Financial Times Covid-19 vaccine tracker (link). In the event of this tracker stops functioning, an alternative statistical provider will be used. The burning itself will be announced and documented on the project’s social media. By definition, the token burn does not affect the open market tokens in circulation.


On 17 November 2024, five years from the first documented COVID-19 case on 17 November 2019, the regular token burn will stop and this day will be taken as the last burning event (if it will not have stopped due to the whole global population being vaccinated) and the remaining C19VAX tokens (again by definition not including the open market tokens in circulation), if any are left, will be transferred to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support the fight against such epidemics and pandemics in the future. If this foundation does not operate by the set date, the tokens will be donated to another respectable charity.

Disclaimer: The token and its issuers are in no way affiliated to or associated with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Foundation has been selected for its reputation.


Contract on Etherscan.

Trade on UniSwap.

Contract address: 0xe221855feede4f39773cccbc3cf1d07fe3c26448

How to Use UniSwap (CMC Guide).

C-19 Vaccine Token Whitepaper.




Can’t get vaccinated? Get the token, at least.

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Vaccine Token

Vaccine Token

Can’t get vaccinated? Get the token, at least.

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